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Patterned, innovative devices are connected to the best sensor in the world - the plant - constantly monitoring its heartbeat, showing the growth rate and status. Supported by soil moisture and micro climate sensors, the data is communicated from anywhere in the world to our secured, cloud-based servers.


Data is analyzed in Phytech’s servers, providing growers with insight into the crops status and alerting them to stress situations and their root causes. Real time analysis is accessible via our web and mobile applications.


Information and knowledge received from the plant provide growers with immidiate feedback of their actions, enabling prompt reaction, leading to better crop management decisions.


When you irrigate, it is already too late

On the surface, all looks good. When you are waiting for visual signs, it is probably too late.
Increased irrigation, at the wrong timing, can not compensate the plant for high stress levels.

  • Plant is in
  • Overuse
  • Can't tell
    what happen next


Show up exactly when the plants need you

Optimized irrigation schedule by viewing and acting on Phytech data analysis. Reacting to the plant\'s growth rate and daily contractions leads to healthier, stronger crops, higher yields, and reduced water usage.

  • Increased
  • Save Cost of
    Critical Resources
  • Always Be

Your tools for success

Innovative, user friendly alert driven app. enables users to monitor their crops easily, all the time, from anywhere. Phytech’s web applications operate on any standard web-browser, with no additional installation or plugin required. Phytech helps new users make the most of the system by including the optimal setup for growers with default and customizable settings, providing the best user experience.

Sharing & Traceability

  • Suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Food Chains &
    End Customers
  • Research & Knowledge centers
  • Peers

Phytech’s technology enables deployment of a model in which a grower is empowered by sharing his crop data with many relevant contributors (such as research and knowledge centers, consultants, suppliers, customers) enabling transparency and traceability of the growth process for the benefit of growers.

Benefits to Grower

Efficient Use of Critical Resources

Optimize distribution of water, fertilizer and arable land, saving time, money and natural resources, increasing sustainability

Easy Deployment

Accessible (web app), plug & play, reliable, suited for field conditions, wireless global communications

Increased Yields

Growers can produce a larger, higher quality yield, based on Phytech’s unique, innovative solutions

Preemptive Alerts

Phytech’s system alerts growers to critical situations endangering crop performance, preventing immideate and / or long term damage

Empowerment Through Sharing

Phytech system enables direct sharing with a variety of audiences:


Share real-time information


Share knowledge with suppliers


Ensure that they receive high quality products


Connects private growers to a larger ecosystem


Grower pays a seasonal subscription for data, creating an affordable, customized payment plan

Why Phytech?

Understand your plant conditions online, on time, all the time

Make the right decisions

Minimize the use of resources and protect the environment

Maximize your yields

Grow Smarter


Vast, in-depth field and research experience in a wide range of crops - Greenhouses, orchards, open fields, etc. with proven results for optimizing productivity and yields.


The only patented technology for continuous plant monitoring and crop control.


Advanced, user friendly system for global monitoring, communicating, analyzing.


Simple yet sophisticated web and mobile apps for sharing, multi-viewing, alerting and decision making.

Just ask our clients

With the support of my Phytech system, I constantly reduce my water needs, while my yields are only improving. In the last 4 years, we reduced water expenses by 30%. I always laugh and tell Phytech that I owe them much more....

Reuven Smith, Maagan Orchards (citrus, mango, avocado) manager

My plants receive the correct amount of water and fertilizers at the right timing, due to my ability to know the exact plant status during the day. Through the last 6 years, using Phytech systems, I have reduced water amounts by 40%.

Hagai Shaked, Shaked Farms, 26 years leading tomato seed grower, Netiv Hasara

The continues monitoring of the plant growth rate and contractions, referred to growing protocols we developed, enables direct alerting when the plant is not in its optimum growth conditions. Phytech systems give me the ability to view multiple projects, assisting and sharing knowledge between growers and agronomists

Igal Flesh, Field crops expert. Israel Cotton Association agronomist.

Phytech plant sensors are the ultimate tool for managing and controlling the plant stress levels. Any grower that will use these tools, in the simplest manner, can increase his yields dramatically. For me, it is a daily working tool, enabling me to remotely support growers worldwide..

Dr. Issac Adato, Orchard Expert. Advisor of Peru companies La Callera and Agrocasa. Miami, Florida

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