Whatever your Crop is, Phytech can help you

Food is as fundamental as it gets as critical resources are constantly being depleted. Increasing land and water deficiencies cause shortages that unrest the world’s future. Connecting the agriculture industry to the technological revolution is no more a privilege, it is a necessity.

Phytech hitch the technology edge to the mission of improving the agricultural practice by constantly connecting growers to their plants.

Patented phytomonitoring™ technology, based on unique plant sensors, supported by global communication solutions, cloud based servers and web based software applications, enables growers to receive and share a constant, real-time stream of data, helping them to understand their crops moment to moment needs. Phytech assists growers in making better day to day decisions, leading to higher yield and optimal quality, empowering them through knowledge sharing with their entire network.

With more than 15 years of research and field experience, thousands of Phytech systems serve leading customers worldwide, helping them to achieve higher yields while minimizing the use of resources, lowering cultivation costs, and protecting the environment.

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