Whatever your Crop is, Phytech can help you

Phytech’s patented technology, based on unique plant sensors, enable growers to receive and share a constant, real-time stream of data, helping them to understand the crops moment to moment needs. Phytech assists Growers in making better day to day decisions, leading to higher yield and optimal quality.


When you irrigate, it is already too late

On the surface, all looks good. When you are waiting for visual signs, it is probably too late.
Increased irrigation, at the wrong timing, can not compensate the plant for high stress levels.

  • Plant is in
  • Overuse
  • Can't tell
    what happen next


Show up exactly when the plants need you

Optimized irrigation schedule by viewing and acting on Phytech data analysis. Reacting to the plant\'s growth rate and daily contractions leads to healthier, stronger crops, higher yields, and reduced water usage.

  • Increased
  • Save Cost of
    Critical Resources
  • Always Be

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Almonds - Recommended Setup:

Basic Plot - 10 Hectare or irrigated plot
Beehive scale

Beehive scale

Dendrometer Sensor

Dendrometer Sensor

The Dendrometer is a highly precise incremental  based sensor for monitoring micro-variations of trunk radius in micron range.


Fruit Growth Sensor

Fruit Growth Sensor

Monitors micro-variations of fruit size radius in micron range.

Two phenomena affect fruit diameter. These are growth and internal water content.


Tensiometer Sensor

Tensiometer Sensor

Measures water tension in the soil.

Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

Monitors the volumetric water content (VWC) of the soil.


Water meter

Water meter

Set on the drip-line near the measured plant.  Monitors the exact amount of water received.

Phytech’s Weather Station

Phytech’s Weather Station

Including: Air temperature, Humidity, Radiation, Wind speed and direction, Rain meter. Features live alerting, VPD and Pennman – Montis calculations.

Phytoweb Application

Innovative, user friendly alert driven mobile app. enables users to monitor their crops easily, all the time, from anywhere.
Phytech’s web applications operate on any standard web-browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE9+), with no additional installation or plugin required. Phytech helps new users make the most of the system by including the optimal setup for growers with default and customizable settings, providing the best user experience.

Phytoweb on tablet and mobile devices

Monitor, Analyze, Act

Phytech constantly connects Growers to their plants.
Phytech’s patented technology, based on unique plant sensors, enable growers to receive and share a constant, real-time stream of data, helping them to understand the crops moment to moment needs.

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Technical Info

Plant Sensors

Sensitive analog front-end electronics for precise measurement by patented plant sensors (~10-6m resolution). Measurements are not affected by ambient temperature conditions.

Communication from Field

Based on cellular 2.5G and 3G networks, advanced solutions are available if no cellular coverage exists onsite.

Field Alerting System

Triggers communication from field if measurements exceed a predefined threshold. The alerts are displayed on both web application and mobile device.

Field System

ARM based embedded system, supporting data storage, data management, and communication.

Power Management Unit

(PMU) Designed for enhanced power efficiency. The power supply is based on simple “C” batteries which can be inserted or replaced easily. A basic battery pack lasts for at least a year thanks to our power efficient architecture.

Parameter Remote Update

Pending mechanism supports remote updates of parameters and thresholds.


Servers located in the Cloud provide a reliable and secure solution. Local proxies are used to improve security and performance.

API’s and Web Services

Enable connection to our standard SQL database, providing seamless integration for data sharing (in both directions). Data may be imported from external systems for integration or unified display, or alternately, shared with 3rd parties per request.

Advanced Web Application

Developed over HTML5, CSS3, JQuery mobile etc, provides a simple, clear and stellar user experience.


Is based on standard advanced protocols and API’s (HTTPS, REST, Jason).

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